Hey there!

The people behind the magic

We live and breathe social media. Not a day goes past without using most social media platforms in our world. Combine that with a love for helping businesses and you get InfluencerHQ.

Omer Hazer Managing Director

The major drive for all of us is to help people get paid for things they love to do! We get social media Influencers who work hard a chance to get a voice while being able to deliver tangible results to businesses without huge marketing budgets. It's an amazing thing.

Rachel Yuen Customer and Business Relations

Hey I'm Rach and I'm originally from Hong Kong, the city that never sleeps. If you get a reply from an email at 2am in the morning- that'll be me. InfluencerHQ is an amazing company to work with and I am looking forward to big things.

Hunter Waihape Recruitment and Talent Scout

What I do at Influencer is, find the people you see at cafe’s and in the gym, either taking photos of their food or working out. There are so many people out there chasing their dreams trying to make it on social media and I believe it is important to give the ones who don't cut corners such as buying followers a chance to make it.