How does it work for Brands


We will get to know your brand, your values and goals to be able to focus on areas your brand needs. Every campaign is individually tailored for each brand to utilize maximum productivity.


We will plan out terms such as how many Influencers to work with, how many posts to run, the style of the post(s) and your budget to come up with the perfect campaign formula.


Once the terms are set, we will execute the campaign with the approved Influencers. During the campaign you will be able to see what the Influencer is about to post before it goes live and request any changes. You will receive weekly reports on campaign analytics to view valuable information about your brand.

For Influencers


Once interested, we will get to know you better by finding out about what you would like to post, how frequently you would like to post and what type of brands you would like to work with.


When we believe we have found a brand that matches your values, we will present their needs and terms to you. You will then have to option to discuss different terms or decline the offer.


Once agreed, just do what you do best! Create engaging content for your followers. Depending on the duration of the campaign, you will be paid either per post or monthly. Most Influencers also get awesome freebies from the brands they work with!

Are you an Instagram User with an engaged follower base?

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